Strategy-Based Content Marketing For Technology and Software Firms

B2B buyers research solutions long before they are on your radar. They visit your website and read your blog posts. They may skim your white papers or case studies forwarded to them from their colleagues.

The point is that they know a lot about you before you know they exist.

Great content moves your audience through their decision-making process, converting them into a “satisfied client.”

I can help:

  • Layout the big picture: Strategic Preparation
  • Plan a specific campaign: Tactical Planning
  • Create engaging content: Focused Execution

Strategic Preparation

Know Where You’re Going (Product Roadmap Review)

  • Review current product/service inventory and develop prioritized backlog

Know Who You’re Targeting (Content Marketing Strategy Development/Review)

  • Review/Develop content strategy to address:
    • Who? Right audience
    • What? Right content
    • When? Right time

Know What You Have (Content Audit)

  • Assess and categorize current content library
  • Identify strengths and future content development needs

Know How To Say It Consistently (Consolidated Marketing Copy Library)

  • Research and review current marketing statements and messaging
  • Assemble comprehensive marketing message document for specific product or service

Tactical Planning

Campaign Development and Deployment Plan

Leverage Step 1-Plan, from the Accelerated  Content Marketing Method, to lay out:

  • Campaign goals
  • Campaign content to be created, reused, and/or repurposed
  • Call to Action map to ensure consumption of your content
  • High-level resource and schedule plan
  • Preliminary deployment plan

Focused Execution

Create required B2B Content and Deployment Options

White Papers

  • Research and develop content, collaborate with designer

Case Studies

  • Research product/service, interview customer(s), provide content

Video Content

  • Short animated explainer or introduction videos
  • Screen cast videos
  • Voice-over slide presentation-based videos
  • Application training videos

Supporting Materials

  • Landing pages/content sign-ups
  • Email auto-responders
  • eNewsletters
  • Additional repurposed white paper and case study content
  • Bylined articles

Deployment Action Plan

  • Identify resources and timing to release the content for maximum effectiveness

What’s next?

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