Certified Chatbot Conversion Copywriter and Versatile B2B Content Creator

Why Gary?

The short answer is:

  • You talk, I listen and ask questions
  • We collaborate to leverage and extend your current marketing assets to solve your most pressing problems
  • Implement and review
  • Rinse and repeat

This is key to solid conversational marketing strategy and creation.

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Here’s a summary of what I bring to the table:

I understand what makes a good chatbot

Through specialized chatbot building and copywriting training and hands-on creation, I have learned what makes a good high-converting and engaging chatbot. I apply these principles to your unique situation.

I understand the principles of conversational marketing

Conversational Marketing is not just about the tech, it’s about communicating and interacting with your ideal clients. My career in IT taught me how to ask questions, listen and provide solutions – the same things you want to do in Conversational Marketing.

I have a broad technology background

Even though the focus is not about the tech, having some understanding of marketing technology helps. I have that.

I ask great questions – I can uncover “hidden” nuggets

You and your team know more than you realize.

Sometimes that information is hidden behind the third or fourth question – and that information is what makes the biggest difference to your target audience.

With years of business and process analysis experience, I have learned to be politely persistent in the questioning designed to find those “hidden” nuggets.

Using you and your team’s knowledge, I can quickly craft a message that most effectively engages your audience.

I am organized and process-oriented – I enable collaboration and project execution

I have a long track record of delivering projects on time, working with both co-located and virtual teams. As a result, I can bring an experience-based process to our engagements that can be used “as-is” or tailored to fit your unique requirements.

I use a practical approach to identify the roles, key tasks, and critical milestones within a project. Communicating and monitoring this information ensures that all parties understand who needs to do what by when to be successful.

Leveraging an agile, process-oriented approach helps us all work at our best.

My Mantra:

Prepare. Plan. Execute. Review. Rinse and Repeat.

Let’s collaborate…

Do you have a project to discuss or some questions I can address? Contact me

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